Let’s Stop The Bullsh*t: Traditional Media Is NOT Dead

And finally ask self: dear Jurica, why do you care for MSMedia to keep its ‘highly paid’ status?… is it money?… is it fame?… or is it simply because you do not know any better?… And why You are using New and free alternative media like Huffington to give c*** about ways Huff conduct it self?…

Hope my words will reach some light spot in your heart, and know that I know you cannot do any better at this moment [due to your enslavment to money…]… so keep watching all these new medias totally spreading all over the globe… so you maybe join in one day as well…

Thank you for this great opportunity to discuss in the open, like any other truly new media outlet, i know that moderators will be very happy to post this one… And I hope I will see you soon with smile on your face realizing there is a New Age Media out there, which cannot be contained, which cannot be controlled and where all the writers, anchors, producers and reporters taking full responsibility of what they are saying…
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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