Spirit Train Chronicles



It was not sacrifice at all… As You did not die couple of hundred of times here on Earth because FMGod made you too…. You did not do any ‘crimes’ or any heinous acts because it was your ‘destiny’…


You did them as you choose too… You are here to simply experience Life, and to realize how fast [or slow…] you can recognize GodSelf, how fast You can remember FMGod, how fast You can start giving self to others, without asking anything in return…


Stop doubting about et’s or dark cabal’s or white dragons… and start breathing consciously… as this is the only thing that you are sure that you are doing for self, and by your self… freely and consciously… BREATHE…


Stop putting blames on self or others, because of your ‘bad’ fortune… and Start feeling Life all around… Start feeling Life within your…

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