Spirit Train Chronicles

Indeed, dear dreamwalker444… you said it so beautifully… Every event [and here i call  event even short video that I watched for brief time, or a single thought came to my mind …] is for benefit of the Creation…
Creation is not only good and perfect cookie… yet Creation is as well burned or too sweet cookie… Creation is the way we see this cookie melting in our mouth… Creation is the after taste that this burned cookie leave in our mouth…

And, what you do when you consume burned and bitter tasted cookie?… do you blame self for centuries?… or you live in guilt for millennia’s that this never suppose to happen?… or You do not stop asking Why?… ‘Why God?…’ I have to live with this after taste in my mouth?….

So, how do you get rid of burned aftertaste in your mouth?… maybe, by washing it…

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