Up 2 The 5th


(How did that go? Let’s try it this way: Please, pinch yourself and wake up… Better?)

I’ve been half-watching and conversing, with amusement and bemusement, the flurry of activity over this post from The Rumor Mill News, from July 28, 2012, about August 4… I’m giving you the link here… please click now, to receive a fresh load of adware, and be inundated by ads designed for people looking for a quick fix. If you’re not interested in that, you can read the main content below. I’ll leave the frighteningly sensationalist digital montage image there on RMN, where it perhaps belongs.

Before I continue this post, I make a disclaimer/confession: I don’t have much patience with the kind of presentation of information that I see in the original post.

In fact, I find it so distracting that I often skip messages like these…

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