Spirit Train Chronicles


Wow… dear KP… what a hilarious view… Love it so so much that I start laughing imagining et’s, Galactic’s coming down with soapy mouth… all smiley and gentle telling us [or at least trying to tell us with mouth full of soap…] how we should not consume soap orally too much because it start bubbling and bubbling and blblblblb…… 

You made me Laugh so much that I start choking on my own saliva….. Not happening too often… At least not recreantly… [This is not an accusation that ‘it is your fault i choke…’ it would be my 3D me… yet, not any more… As I did this before: blame others when I choke self, with my own saliva, on my own accord, by my OWN choice in my OWN mouth… and still finding enough ‘stupidity’ and ‘silly reasoning’ to blame other being for caughing my guts out…]
I bow…

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