Spirit Train Chronicles

First to self than you can gently tell others…. But only if you are not afraid of their judgments, comments, or even personal condemnations as one of cabal who is spreading bad information’s and gossips?… Yes, there is ‘?” at the end of this sentence, as this is a question…. CAN YOU?…
How you can disclose self who you truly are?… Did you think about this ‘philosophical’ approach to spreading information?… can you prove self first that you ARE, that YOU exist… so then, and only then you will and you can give disclosure of this discovery to others?….

But again, if you attempt to tell cow not to eat the steak, as it is Her eating self?… can you prove it first, so she do not do this again and again?… Or, you simply give her Your own example where you stop consuming self, day in and day out…

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