~Copyright infringement:~


Honestly, I do not even understand these very complicated words, words of confusion and words of control.


This is same as when Tesla invented electricity, but Bell and industrialists, decided that they will put copyright and trademark on every light bulb and every machine we use, as while our beloved Tesla invented this for all the humanity, equally, as it came from God, and God do not put copyright stamp on any of his creations…..


Simply imagine there is no copyright and trademark clauses in any of society creations….. What then? How governments and big corporations will justify their existence? What Tesla said: “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.”



SO imagine what kind of legal bill our lovely lawyers would generate, if they want to “copyright” every creation that God synthesized for us, Humans? What the bill would be? Where all the “money” would go? Does God have his secret treasury, his “federal Galactic reserves” stashed under one big pillow, or smaller Galaxy? Does God sue you if you infringe his creation, stamped with his mighty CopyRight stamp? Does God get upset if you “sell” and charge for His creations freely given to US all? Does God truly believe that is possible to break his copyright law?


Did you consider, that God gave us all we have, all we are, to sell to others for greedy and controllable reasons? Or, God gave us free will to practice our kindness and love while freely sharing His gifts, His creations?


[photo disclamer: we found God!… Let’s register IT!…
All righths reserved… TradeMarked… Registered… CopyRighted… Protected… Not for Sharing… Without permission…] 


Just imagine, what a rush you will feel when we start sharing freely, and with smile all we have, all we know, all we are with each other, with Mother Nature. What a rush of loving feelings will go through our veins, what a light we will generate for others and for self….


How much God should charge us for all of the CopyRights of creations of His, that we so greedily sold to other humans? Any idea? In what value? Maybe in gold coins? Maybe in Pure Love Coins?


***There is no Copy rights, TradeMarks, No posting, Registrations… on any of my writings, as they solely belong to God, and He shares my creations freely and unconditionally….. With all my love, Predrag Saint Germain



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