You are wondering is this chanel or that article true?… You are doubting that Arrests and Prosperity funds will be here during your short life?… You are questioning your way of living, and fearing of the future they feed you on tv?… Are You?…



Try This article and a book… This will make you laugh how much you were sweating the small stuff such as underground reptilians, media lies, ufo invasion, GMO foods, chem-trails, bad relations, not enough monies …


This magnificent excerpt from

is truly my biggest jump in knowledge of my present state of existence… This book stopped all the small stuff I was sweating about…

This book opened my very limited view of our earthly existence, and the greatest importance of who we truly are in this magnificent process of Creation…


Written with very simple and smooth language, I finally have a much bigger understanding that it is ok if we do not know everything… where even the creating force is observing, learning, experiencing, yet enjoying every moment of Now…

Every change that is coming in these times is simply a result of The Divine Project, and we are truly honored that we are here in such a numbers… We are the ones who will experience total removal of evil from our planes of existence…


The Divine Project started in 2007 in many Earths in our Galaxy… Some of 181 in Milky Way only… where our Light Age will start by 2015, as we are not only continuing in these 4 cycles of Metal/Bronze/Silver/Gold ages, but we are processing in Light Age as first Earth in this Material Universe as example and one who sits in the middle path between balance of living and materialistic existence…


As well, we will experience the alignment of some important stars along the Galactic Plane, as well birthing of our Second Sun which is playing very important role in the Light Age of our Milky way Galaxy…


So, how to consume all this within one evening?… Easy… Very very Easy…I feel it is quite easy, as soon as you stop doubting that this is The reason you are here… We are here to experience what has not been experienced yet in our vast Milky way Galaxy and even wider…



We are here to anchor the energies coming from Central Sun, Our Sun, local Galaxies and energies from the Un manifested Universes… Not so much, right?… Indeed, it is nothing if you let all your fears and doubts, and put full faith in this Divine Project of Universal proportions…

The galactic Brothers and Sisters are here not to conquer us, but to be part of this unprecedented Galactic Event of truly galactic proportions… And they are so proud that they can assist us with all their energies and technologies to jump the grade…

Till tonight  I thought we are jumping from grade 3 to grade 5, yet this is something much much more that can fit in any number of grades…

We are not only jumping from Metal Age in to Golden Age, but this Golden Age gets upgraded by this Divine Project in to LIGHT AGE…

And I can tell you this: You were trained for thousands of lives here and elsewhere on different planetary systems, just to be born for this transformation of our global Galactic existence… Otherwise you would not be here…


If you feel that guilt is not in fashion any more… You are right… You are simply totally washing all your cells and atoms from negativity, from greed, from anger…


If you feel that lie is not part of your thought process any longer… You are totally right… And you have full right to clam your Truth… as it is Divinely proclaimed in these words…


If you feel that prison is not place where you want to sit any more… You are so right… You have full God given Right to experience Freedom….


I am so honored that this book came to my attention, and that I am able to share with you my thoughts and feelings…

Truth will be presented to US as soon we are ready for it… So be very very happy that you are reading this book with knowing: You are ready… You are Ready, dear Brothers and Sisters…


With Love, Truth, Freedom and Light…


I AM THAT I AM, Predrag Saint Germain






Our Creation came into existence because of God’s desire to manifest and experiment with His own potential. God manifested further and further in different ways, creating innumerable and diverse Universes, Cosmoses and Worlds. A lot of this experimentation is already completed. In the next part of the Creation story, God will be withdrawing the less successful manifestations and consolidating the existing Creations.

The withdrawal of these less-successful manifestations does not happen easily or automatically. These manifestations have been existing since eons of time and have strengthened. Their removal and the subsequent stabilisation of Creation require a mammoth effort at different levels. Many processes have to be initiated and their effects have to be studied for the successful completion of this task.




As a part of these processes, a special project has been initiated in our Galaxy (our Earth in particular) by the Higher Intelligence. This project has been named as ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ (Sacred Work or the Divine Project).

The aim of this project is to remove certain aspects of God’s manifestation and introduce newer aspects in their place. One such aspect, which the Higher Intelligence has decided to withdraw from our Material Cosmos, beginning from this Galaxy — is ‘Evil’. So, this project is mainly about the withdrawal of Evil from all Earths of the Material Cosmos completely.

The forces of Light and Darkness have been created and given equal opportunities to reign all over our Cosmos. In some Earths, the influence of Light is total, whereas in others, Darkness and Materialism rules. The interplay of these two forces, Light and Darkness, has created a varied and diverse life in the Earths of our Cosmos. All these Earths are graded in a hierarchy of 14 planes (Lokas) on the basis of the combination of percentage of Light and Darkness present in them.

Our Earth belongs to the 7th plane and provides equal opportunities for both these forces to rule; with varying percentages in different Time periods. This is evident in the four Yugas where Light and Spiritual values become prominent in one while Evil and Materialism reign supreme in another, with a shade of these two forces operating together in the other two Yugas.

However, over a period of existence, it has been observed that the Souls have always invariably chosen their freewill to break the divine laws and manifest non-positivism. Parallel to this, the forces of Darkness and Evil have also gained strength beyond measure and are beginning to dominate the Light and Spiritual aspect of Manifestation. This change of balance poses huge challenges onto all those Souls who choose Light and righteousness. And the Rishis, who administer and govern God’s Creation, have to work beyond their capacities and expectations in order to set right this balance and suppress the forces of Darkness.




In order to bring stability to this part of Creation, the Evil aspect will not only be made dormant but will also be removed completely from this Earth. This also means that the other three Yugas will no longer be present on this Earth henceforth and there will be the Light Age all the time.

The withdrawal of Evil will result in the re-organization of the way of life in all the Earths of the Material Cosmos, which has been habituated to one way of living until now. If life is all good and positive, it would also be without any challenge and opportunities for growth reduces. So newer aspects will be introduced to keep the challenges alive and it will also be made sure that one aspect does not dominate the other, as it has happened before.



At the highest level, this project was initiated by a very great Rishi — Vishwamitra Maharshi. He has been contemplating about this for many many years. Roughly around 1980, he wanted to spread his energies around our Earth, so that when people woke up the next day, it would be Satya Yuga. However, the Higher Intelligence intervened and wanted to allow a natural progression of changes, although hastened, so that people can make choices and transform

Vishwamitra Maharishi has been working on this project ever since and gathering the required energies for the purpose.

In the beginning of the new century, the Supreme Intelligence held a meeting with a batch of selected Rishis regarding the future of this Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. They were Maharishis Vishwamitra, Vasishtha, Mangal Brahma, Kapila




and Vajreshwari. It was concluded in that meeting that the repetition of the four Yugas would result in more harm and damage to our Earth because of the strengthening of Dark forces over many cycles of Time. Hence, the decision to abolish the other three Yugas and have only the Light Age on our Earth from this cycle onwards was taken in that meeting.

They also decided to implement the ‘Divine Project’ in our entire Galaxy and observe the results, on the basis of which it would be further expanded to the entire Cosmos. Vishwamitra Maharshi holds the responsibility of implementing the divine project in the entire Brahmanda (Material Cosmos)!

At the level of our Galaxy and our Earth, it is Vasishtha Maharshi who is in charge of this project. Many other Rishis and their workers are involved in executing the details of this project in our Earth as well as the other chosen Earths of our Galaxy.



Our Milky Way Galaxy is the first Galaxy where ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ is being implemented. This Galaxy contains Earths that belong to Bhoo Loka or the 7th Plane of the Cosmos. The Rishis reveal that there is life in a total of 115 planets in the Milky Way galaxy and the project is being implemented in all these planets.

The Project will then be gradually spread to the other Galaxies, on the basis of the results of the experimentation being carried out here. In our Cosmos, the purest and most spiritually advanced Earths belong to the first category called as ‘Satya Loka’. This Special Project will elevate our entire Galaxy to a level that is much more advanced than Satya Loka!

After its successful implementation in this Galaxy, this project will slowly be spread to the entire Material cosmos. All the Earths in our Cosmos will belong to a single category after the completion of this Project. In course of time, the 14 planes will gradually be dismantled and the entire Brahmanda will become one special unit.




The Implementation of this project has already started simultaneously in many Earths in our Galaxy. The Rishis had in fact studied the possibilities of such a project long ago and had placed a request for its implementation. Once the approval came from the Supreme Intelligence, this project was started on our Earth from January, 2007.

Some of the key steps which have been taken in this regard are:

Reduced Transitory Period

The transitory period between the Dark Age and the Light Age is usually 432 years, with an intense period of churning called Pralaya occurring for 49 years. As a part of the Divine Project, the Rishis have decided to reduce these periods by a huge margin so that the transitory period and the Pralaya period end by 2015 and the Light Age can begin earlier.

Reorganisation of Spiritual Guides

The Rishis are assisted by a group of 144,000 workers on this Earth, who live in different parts of the world, in various cultures

and guide humanity. In the transitory period, more volunteers and special masters also take birth to help humanity sail through Pralaya and move into the New Age.

The Divine project has resulted in redefining a number of spiritual laws on our Earth. To suit these laws and processes, these spiritual guides are getting overhauled and their roles and responsibilities are being redefined now. The approach to work and the type of guidance given to humanity is changing. This is done to improve the efficiency of their work.

Also many new workers are taking birth now to stabilise the New Light Age. These processes are also connected to Gaia or Mother Earth directly. She will become spiritually stronger, with a sense of oneness and Light becoming more prevalent in all life on this planet.

Once the New Light Age gets established, the number of workers who will remain on this Earth will be revised. This number is yet to be fixed, but it will be lesser than at present. Many of these guides will be shifted to other parts of Creation to further the experimentation process.

Anchoring Of Energies

Anchoring is a process by which Energies from various Sources in Existence are brought and installed on Earths, so that the desired changes take place quickly. This is a very important work which has prepared the groundwork for the implementation of the Divine Project.

A lot of hard work is done at the astral level to bring these Energies from different Sources. When these Energies arrive, they

are anchored inside our Earth by the Light workers at the physical level. These Energies are further allowed to operate under careful observation and their effects are studied so that the desired effect is achieved.

These new Energies have helped in an intense churning at the individual and global levels, exposing many unethical and corrupt practices. They have healed many wounds of Mother Earth and nurtured her. They have also helped various places and people to open up to the new changes and new realities. Most importantly these newly anchored Energies have reduced the power of Dark Forces.

Due to the uniqueness of this project and the special needs, for the first time in the Earth’s history, energies from the Unmanifested Universes have been brought down and anchored here. Different energies from other Manifested Universes too have been anchored. Two main energies which are very active now are the energies from Prakasha Brahma, also called as the Ra energies, and the energies from Neela Brahma.

These energies are helping the Higher Intelligence to initiate many new projects and achieve the results faster.


Our Solar System, in course of its movement in space, has just entered a very special energy field known as the Photon Belt. This energy field contains energies of a higher spiritual vibration, and hence it improves the spiritual condition of any Planet that passes through it. Our entry into this energy field has given a major push towards the Light Age and thereby aided the faster


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